2020 Football Mania Fundraiser

Last year was our first experience with the Football Mania fundraiser, it was a resounding success. So much so that we will be doing it again this year.  With limited options available this year for our usual fundraising activities, we need Football Mania to be even better this year than last.

Our Football Mania focus this year is the NHS Instrumental Music program. Band Director Alexander Gerhard has expressed the need for funds for instrument repairs we are looking to raise $3,500 to meet these needs.

Football Mania allows groups like ours to raise funds through your purchase of $10 in music downloads, each purchase includes a game card for the Football Mania sweepstakes. Since opportunities for in person sales is limited due to the Coronavirus, we will be relying on online purchases this year. Just go to our Charity Mania webpage where you can make your purchase. Keep in mind you can purchase multiple downloads and receive multiple entries in the sweepstakes.

Game cards contain 3 random teams in each of the last 10 weeks of the professional football season. To play the game, participants simply add up the points scored by the 3 teams printed on their cards in a given week. Our cards are pooled with the cards of other groups in lots of 4,960 cards. Each week from the lot, the 25 highest scoring cards and the 5 lowest scoring cards win prizes! If we sell a minimum of 300 cards our group is guaranteed at least 1 $10 winner per week.

If the NFL season is cancelled or limited during the timeframe of the sweepstakes, no worries, Charity Mania is prepared. To calculate winners for any canceled weeks of the NFL season, they will use the football scores from the same week in a randomly prior season (between 2010-2019).  See details here: https://www.charitymania.com/coronavirus-update/

Weekly Prize Money Amounts

Game card with the highest combined score $250

Second highest score $100

Third highest score $50

Runner Up: next 22 highest scoring $10

Lowest total score $25

Runner Up: next 4 lowest scoring $10

Total prize money paid per week $685

Grand Prize Winners

Game card with the highest 10 Week Total $500

Game card with the lowest 10 Week Total $200

Total Grand Prize money paid $700

Odds of Winning

Win at least once during sweepstakes: 1 in 16.9

Each week: 1 in 165

Grand Prize: 1 in 2480