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The Northland High School Alumni Foundation (NHSAF) was officially set up by Sean “Fred” Milner (NHS ’86) and Michael Stamos (NHS ‘82) as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2000.  The idea for the foundation took shape earlier, when summer softball tournaments were first organized in 1993 with NHS graduates as players.  These tournaments took place for a number of years, with half of the money raised each year going back to our Alma Mater.  Some of the donations helped the high school’s  baseball team (Jugs Practice Machine & Hitting Net), the instrumental band (Trip to the Peach Bowl), and the football stadium (Ice Machine & Press Box Renovations).

In 2002, Neal “Ric” Johnson (NHS ’71) organized the first Northland High School Multi-Class Reunion as an event held at Flannagans in Dublin for graduates in the early years at Northland.  This reunion has taken place each year since, always on the first Saturday in August as a way for all NHS Alumni and teachers  to reconnect and share stories about their days at Northland.  The event has taken on a life of its own over the years!

In 2014, Sean and Ric joined forces, and along with Barbara Moore Ruhl (NHS ’69) and Laurie Howden Spinosi (NHS ’72), merged the energy from both groups.  The Northland High School Alumni Foundation, or NHSAF for short, was reborn.


The goals of the NHSAF are simple:

  • Grow the organization to include membership of Alumni from all classes over the decades.
  • Give back to Northland by generating support to students and programs at the school.
  • Help foster a spirit of Viking pride!  Once a Viking, ALWAYS a Viking!
  • Let the students know the Alumni are proud of them and how they represent the school!



What memories do you have to add?  ‘Contact us’ to share your thoughts!



Graduates seek ways to ‘give back’ to the school

A group of Northland High School graduates in central Ohio have gotten together to breathe new life into a foundation that aims to create closer bonds between alumni while helping current students.“Fundamentally, we just want to reconnect the alumni with each other and with the school, and connect students with the alumni, because there’s a great history and tradition with the school,” Sean Milner, who graduated from NHS in 1986, said last week.“They’ll be able to learn more about the past and we’ll learn more about the present.”

“There’s a lot of interest in that now,” said Bobbie Ruhl, a member of the class of 1969.

“The bottom line to it is that Northland has given us so much, what we’re trying to do is pay back,” 1971 graduate Ric Johnson said.

The rejuvenated organization for Northland High alumni received a major boost during a gathering held the night before this past football season’s homecoming game, Ruhl said. U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Genoa Township), who counts himself among the school’s graduates, attended and even led the alumni band, according to Ruhl.

The fundraising efforts that have taken place for the foundation enabled the group to provide the school’s STEM Team with a check for $2,000 to help pay for a trip to a national competition, said Ruhl, a Columbus City Schools substitute teacher.

“Right now, we’re just trying to coalesce our finances together,” said Johnson, who founded the all-class “First Saturday in August” reunions.

Milner, who started a softball game for NHS grads around 20 years ago, said he hopes the foundation one day becomes a self-sufficient organization that can underwrite scholarships for students.

“Initially, the idea is we want to have something that’s a way for people to network,” Milner said. “Through the events and things we’re going to do, hopefully people say they want to give back to the school, whether it’s monetarily or through some other means … maybe come to class and talk about their lives.”

“Northland is a big part of what got us where we are today,” Johnson said.

Information about becoming involved with the Northland High School Alumni Foundation is available at the organization’s website, northlandhigh.com. It includes contact information for Johnson.

Source: Kevin Parks, This Week