Flashback to 1971

Remember 1971? Median income was $9,028, a new home cost about $28,300, first class postage was $0.08, a gallon of regular gasoline was 35.9 cents. A dozen eggs ran you $0.53 and a gallon of milk was $1.18.  

1971 saw many national and world events going on as well. Idi Amin took power in Uganda, the US ping-pong team traveled to China and the 21st Amendment was ratified lowering the voting age to 18. All in the Family made its debut on TV, and Intel introduced the first microprocessor. 

World and national events aside,  there was a lot going on at Northland as well.

The class of 71 saw Northland football team win it’s first City League championship,  


The senior class chose Tom Hilt as class president, and the school picked Carol Graham as Homecoming Queen.


And lets talk about hair…


Members can see many more memories by checking out the 1971 Valhalla yearbook located here