Flashback to 1972

Flashback to 1972….


Were you at Northland in 1972? Fifty years ago the median household income was $9,697 and the average new home cost $30,500. A gallon of milk was $1.20 and a dozen eggs would run you 52 cents at the local grocery store. The US population was 209,896,021 people. “The Godfather” was the top grossing movie, with Marlon Brando winning the Oscar for best actor.

“Alone Again (Naturally)” was the Billboard top song of the year , while “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” took the Grammy for song of the year. Can you name the artists? In sports, the Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl, the L.A. Lakers won the NBA championship and the Oakland A’s won the World Series. To see what else was going on in the world during 1972 click the link below.

1972 Flashback




Take a look at what life at Northland looked like in 1972









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