Flashback to 1994


Were you at Northland in the 1994 school year? Thirty years ago, the US population was 260,289,237 people and the average life expectancy was 75.7 years. The median household income was $32264 and the average new home cost $154,500. A gallon of gasoline was $1.11 to get to the local grocery store where it would cost you $2.88 for a gallon of milk, and $0.87 for a dozen eggs. Want to send a letter, the cost was $0.29 for a first class stamp.

At the Academy Awards, do you remember the movie that took six Oscars? Among them – Best Actor (Tom Hanks), Best Director (Robert Zemeckis), and producers Wendy Finerman, Steve Starkey and Steve Tish accepting the statue for Best Picture. Oh, it was also the top grossing film of the year too. It was all that, and a box of chocolates!

The top-rated television show was  “Seinfeld” the show about nothing. The Emmy Award for best drama went to “NYPD Blue.” Kelsey Grammer (best comedy actor) and David Hyde Pierce (best comedy supporting actor) were on the same show that won the Best Comedy show award – Do you remember the show?   

Album of the year was “MTV Unplugged, Tony Bennett” with Tony Bennett. Do you remember who won Record of the Year, Best Pop Female Vocal and Best New Artist in 1994? She sure had something to “Crow” about.   

In the world of sports, the San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl XXIX, the Houston Rockets won the NBA Championship, the NY Rangers took the Stanley Cup ending a 54 year drought. And who won the World Series? No one, the games were called due to the season ending players strike.

To see what else was going on in the world during 1974 click the link below.

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What was happening at Northland during the 1994 school year? Well, it was the schools 25th anniversary and Michael Patterson and Regina Ramsey were voted Homecoming King and Queen.


The Marching Band won first place at the Capital City Classic held at OSU Stadium and they marched in the Peach Bowl Parade as well. The Lady Vikings dominated the City League with the girls soccer team, volleyball team, tennis team and Girl’s track team all ending their seasons as City League champs. Here are some more memories in pictures from the 1994 Vikings.