Flashback to … 1998

Were you at Northland during the 1998 school year? Twenty-five years ago the US population was 270,298,524 people and the average life expectancy  was 76.5 years. The median household income was $38,568 and the average new home cost $181,900.

To get to the the local grocery store a gallon of gas was $1.06 a gallon, and once you were there, a gallon of milk would set you back $3.19 and a dozen eggs would be $1.09.

“Saving Private Ryan” was the top grossing movie and Steven Spielberg won the Oscar for best director. Gwyneth Paltrow took the Oscar for best actress and Dame Judi Dench won for best supporting actress appearing in the same movie, do you know what it was? The 40th Annual Grammy Awards saw “My Heart Will Go On” win both song and record of the year ~ do you remember who the singer was? (Bet you can here that famous voice as you read this!)

In sports the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl XXXIII, and the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship. The New York Yankees won the World Series. In Hockey, Original 6 member, the Detroit Red Wings won their second straight Stanley Cup (105th cup). To see what else was going on in the world during 1998 click the link below.

1998 Flashback


What was happening at Northland  25 years ago?

For one, the Lady Vikings Basketball won the City Championship, 






                                                                     and so did the Ladies Softball Team!

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