Mission Statement

NHSAF is a non-profit organization being developed to include Northland High School graduates, faculty and students to support the positive future direction of the school. Our mission is to bring present and past Northland High School students and faculty together to share cherished NHS experiences and enhance the future goals for NHS.

We are looking for people interested in helping to build a brighter tomorrow for our alma mater. Through high school and social events we can reconnect the past with the present. We need your help in this effort. Sub-committees are being organized to develop this foundation. These sub-committees are:

  • Outreach Mentoring
  • Scholarship
  • Administration
  • Photo Catalogs
  • Fund Raising & Sponsorship
  • Social Media (Facebook/Website)
  • Event Planning
  • Organization Funding
  • Alumni History

The more assistance from alumni of all ages, both old and young, the better and easier our initiatives will be accomplished. Please consider joining this worthy foundation to support Northland as our alma mater continues to provide a positive and well-rounded high school experience to today’s students.  Let’s make this a place in which we all can continue to be proud!