2015 Newsletters

NHSAF December 2015


Hello Northland Alumni and Friends,


Northland High School Alumni Foundation (NHSAF) is starting a monthly email campaign bringing alumni and friends together. While this email will be basic, we will send it out around the 4th Wednesday of each month. It is an opportunity to keep everyone in tune with various events, facts, and developments with NHS and alumni. Please check out your NHS alumni website. And, remember Northland High School’s 50th reunion year is school year 2016-2017. Additional information on events for the 50th reunion year will be coming.


Schedule of Upcoming Events

Sports Event: NHS Women’s Basketball Sat. 1/9/16 home game starts at 2p

Sports Event: NHS Men’s Basketball Tues. 1/12/16 home game starts at 5:30p

To keep up with future events please visit:  Northland HS Website ~ Sports Event Schedule


Become a member of our NHSAF website for only $5 per year. This small donation helps support the sites maintenance costs and allows you access to more information on NHS alumni and school events. We are gradually developing and improving the site but, need your valued support. Please forward our monthly email to any NHS alumnus you know.


Viking Spotlight (Alumni/Student): NHS student athlete, Seth Towns, was interviewed on Channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio recently:

Northland HS Website ~ News Interview with Seth Towns


 ALMA MATER: Northland we will all be true. Hearts unite in song for you. Wave we high the green and gold. Mem’ries last ‘tho years will roll. Lives are molded be your frame. Loyalty is not in vain. Echo back the proud reply. We are all for you old Northland High!


Northland High School Alumni Foundation / NHSAF

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