Were you at Northland in the 1988 school year? Thirty-five years ago, the US population was 244,498,982 people and the average life expectancy was 74.9 years. The median household income was $27,225 and the average new home cost $138,300. At the grocery store a gallon of milk ($2.30) and a dozen eggs ($0.89) was less than $3.00. A gallon of gasoline was $1.08 and a postage stamp was $0.22.

At the Academy awards, the “Oscar” winner for Best Actor was Dustin Hoffman, Best Director was Barry Levinson, and the Best Picture award went to the top grossing movie of the year. Do you remember the movie?

The top rated television show was “Rosanne” with “The Cosby Show” second. The Emmy Award for best drama went to “L.A. Law” and the best comedy award went to “Cheers.”

At the Grammy’s, the Album of the year was “Faith” by George Michael. Bobby McFerrin won Record of the Year and Song of the year with “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” while the Billboard Top Song was “Anything for You” by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine.

In the world of sports, the 1988 Olympics (XXIV Olympiad) were held in Seoul, South Korea. The San Francisco Forty-Niners won Super Bowl XXIII, the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship, and the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series. Those California teams had a great year in 1988.

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1988 Flashback

What was going on in the halls of good old NHS? More of the usual. From Senior Picnic to Senior Prom, and continuing the tradition of Northland Athletics taking City League titles (Soccer, Swimming, Softball, Boys Tennis).

1988 also saw Mr. Charles Lewis put on his final production as the leader of Northland’s Drama department, which he had run since the school’s opening. Here are some of those memories in pictures. 


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