The Case of the Traveling Ring

Social media can work in mysterious ways.  One of our NHSAF board members received a Facebook message just before Thanksgiving 2020 from a total stranger.  It was a fluke that the message was even seen as the board member doesn’t really use messenger.  But this message was seen along with a snapshot of an NHS 1978 class ring that said:

I’m looking for someone, most likely female, who graduated in 1978 with the initials KLW, I’m in eastern NC and found a class ring.”

Searching a 78 yearbook, there were indeed 4 senior lady Vikings found with the initials KW.  But how to find them?  Luckily, Class of 1978 had a Facebook page. Their admin posted to their site to see if 78 classmates could help identify the person. Wouldn’t it be something positive during this pandemic time to find the owner?!?  Well, a flurry of excited and encouraging responses from classmates popped up on the post, and low and behold, KLW saw the post and weighed in.   A ring had been lost by Kirsta while she was in college over 40 years ago.  It had long since been forgotten.  Could it be hers? 

NHSAF was able to connect Kirsta with the good Samaritan, Mike.  It turns out Mike had acquired several boxes of items at a thrift store going out of business.  He had plans to sell the goods at flea markets.  The ring was in the mix, and something made him want to find the owner when he saw it.  What an act of kindness Mike made trying to locate the original owner, and how easily it was done, in one day through social media! 

Do you believe in coincidences? The ring made it home again in the mail, and surprisingly both people live in North Carolina!  Kirsta’s youngest son was a Viking locally in NC.  And another? The inquiry to find the ring’s owner was made after Mike saw a recent post on the class Facebook site, one that NHSAF was seeking Viking Veterans.  Kirsta just happens to be married to a Marine!  The stars certainly were aligned at the right time for this happy ending!